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The Republic of Ireland Group has received  grant of  10,000 from the Department of Agriculture to cover the cost of collecting semen from five dexter bulls in order to have AI straws available to breeders. 

The scheme is now in operation and the bulls shown below have been chosen to provide the straws, which are currently stored by Dunmasc Genetics. Members of the society can purchase the straws for €10 each, but must opt to purchase a minimum of 5. They are available to non members for €15 each.

Contact info for Dunmasc Genetics;

Rockview, Dunamaise, Portlaoise, Co Laois

T: +353 (0)57 864 6688

M: +353 (0)86 360 7641

The following stock have been chosen: They are 100% dexter; check pedigree at 
using registration number.

Ballintagart Pedro 

Colour:  Black



Pedigree Registration Number:    M6112

 DoB:  26/11/2011

Oxmount Paddy

Colour:  Red, 

Features:  Horned, non-short

Pedigree Registration Number:    M6034

DoB:  28/03/2010

                           Kilgarvan Cairn More 

1st, Dexter Bull Class, Bonniconlon, Aug 6th, 2018
1st, Dexter Bull Class, Bonniconlon, Aug 5th, 2019
Colour:  Black 
Features: Good temperament

Height: approx. 110cm

Pedigree Registration Number:     M6568
DoB:  15/04/2015
Kyleroe Secret

Colour:  Mahogany Red

Features: Non carrier of dwarfing gene,
Good temperament

Pedigree Registration Number:    M6475

DoB:  14/06/2014

Gaveston Normandie

Colour:  Black
Features: Proven non short beefy black bull
Excellent temperament
Carries dun gene but not red
 At least 3 of his calves have been registered as bulls.

Pedigree Registration Number:    M5978

DoB:  21/07/2010


Kyleroe Strebor: 

Non short red(pink nose) traditional type with excellent temperament. No recorded out breeding and conformation matching early Dexter bull images and descriptions. 
He has four well placed teats and very good feet and legs. 
At 2 years he measured 44.5 inches at the hip and has no white and no black hairs. 
Bred from the highly successful Shadwell blood lines. 
This semen is internationally available but check your countries import regulations. 

Straws of this bull are not part of the Irish Dexter Group Scheme and are owned by John O'Neill. 

                                           The straws cost €15 and are available from Dunmasc