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posted Apr 26, 2019, 4:56 AM by Ciaran Culkin   [ updated May 13, 2019, 10:56 AM ]

ROI Dexter Cattle Group
Press Release
Dexter Mart Sale in Drumshanbo

On Saturday 18th May 2019  a Dexter Mart Sale will take place at 12 noon in Drumshanbo Mart in conjunction with an Organic Cattle Sale. The Sale will include PBR Organic and Non Organic animals. All breeding Dexters will be Pure Bred Registered with the Dexter Cattle Society in the UK where the Herd Book is held.
All steers will be birth notified with the DCS also. This qualifies them for the Dexter Beef Kill in Nenagh at the ABP Factory where a premium price of €5.25 per kg is paid for steers 24-30 months, pure bred birth notified, Bord Bia approved, grass fed with a cover of fat, to produce a well finished Dexter steer. This Beef Kill has the support and approval of Bord Bia in conjunction with Amalgamated Beef Packers in the Nenagh Factory.
The contract runs from April untill November with an expected Kill of 10 steers every 2 weeks. The sale is an opportunity for Beef Cattle Finishers to buy weanlings or yearlings with a guaranteed factory price of €5.25 at slaughter. Dexters will finish on grass on reasonable to marginal land without meal or nuts.
There are 170 Breeders of Dexter Cattle in the ROI with approx 130 in N. Ireland. The Dexter herd is growing steadily in Ireland with 10-15 new breeders joining the DCS UK Herd Book every year. This is creating good demand for breeding heifers and increasing supply of finished steers which is not keeping up with the demand for Dexter Beef. Dexter Beef is a high end meat sought after by Top End Hotel and Restaurant Chefs to meet the increasing demand of their decerning customer diners.
The ROI  Dexter Cattle Group website is
Face Book Page – Irish Dexter Cattle Group

The Herd Book is held by the Dexter Cattle Society UK who’s website is 

Sean Flannery
Chairman Of ROI Dexter Cattle Group 



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A sale of Dexter cattle will take place in Drumshanbo on Sat May 18th.

Cattle for sale should be booked into the mart a week in advance, this is to allow for a full listing to be prepared for the benefit of everybody, paricularly the buyers.
The sale is to include organic and non organic dexters.
Animals intended for breeding must be Pure Bred Registered Dexters. Registration Certificates should be available for viewing on the day.

When booking in animals for sale, owners are asked to give the
registration numbers of the animals for sale as well as
other relevant information.

Address:     Drumshanbo Mart, Drumshanbo
County:       Leitrim
Phone:        071 9641116



April 14th, in BALLYVOURNEY

posted Apr 16, 2019, 1:25 PM by Ciaran Culkin   [ updated May 13, 2019, 11:00 AM ]

A brief summary of proceedngs at the meeting in Ballyvourney, Co Cork.

After some fine food in The Mills, the chairman got the meeting under way. There was a very good attendance with some travelling quite a distance to be there. The agenda had several interesting items.

These included upcoming regional meetings, a sale of dexters in Drumshambo, upcoming shows, supply of animals for the slaughter scheme. 


                                                     The Mills Ballyvourney

NEXT REGIONAL MEETING. This is to be hosted by a Mayo dexter farmer, Sean McHugh, near Ballina on June 16th. More info later under upcoming events.


Some of the debates in Ballyvourney

SALE in DRUMSHAMBO. This is to take place on May 18th. Animals for sale to be registered and in good condition.

SHOWS in 2019. Dexters are to be exibited or entered in a number of shows during the year.

DEXTER SOCIETY UK AGM. The annual general meeting of the Dexter Cattle Society in the UK, will take place in Kildare on Oct 12th. This will be a good oportunity for members of the Irish Group to attend and participate in the running of the society. More info later.

A discussion on the purchase of least one more tent, to help promote dexters and the society, at events in the different regions, concluded with a positive response from members. 

Sean Dineen then allowed attendees the priviledge of viewing a wonderful herd of dexters. After the viewing, Sean and his family followed with appetising and delicious refreshments.

A look at that lovely herd:





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Dexter Cattle Society Republic of Ireland Group 06/01/2019

The DCS ROI Group are holding their AGM on 17/02/19 in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone, Co Westmeath. The ROI Dexter Cattle Group represents over 100 members who are breeders of Pure Bred Registered Cattle in the Republic of Ireland.

Dexter Cattle are a small dual purpose breed which are an Irish Native Breed. The Breed had all but disappeared from Ireland and had to be reintroduced from UK in the last 20 years.

Dexter Beef is a premium meat sought after by high end Restaurants,  Hotel Menus and discerning meat eaters.  Dexter Steers are grass fed and slaughtered at 24 to 30 months. The ROI Group have a supply contract with ABP Factory in Nenagh where we receive a premium price.

Breeder Membership has grown from 100 breeders in 2014 to 170 members in 2018 and the herd registrations have doubled in the past 3 years.

The Dexter Cattle Society UK from where the Herdbook is maintained, have asked the ROI Group to host the AGM in Ireland on 12th October 2019. This is in recognition of the rate of growth of the Irish Dexter Herd Membership.
The ROI Group have a Committee of 8 to 10 members who hold an AGM and 4 Provincial Meetings each year which includes a visit to a members herd. Our website is and we have a Facebook page "Irish Dexter Cattle Group". We are also members of the  Dexter Cattle Society of UK where our cattle are registered. We also participate in the Knowledge Transfer Scheme.
Sean Flannery
087 2416646  



From our Chairman

posted Dec 17, 2018, 8:18 AM by Ciaran Culkin   [ updated Dec 17, 2018, 8:42 AM ]

Christmas Message from our Chairman

I would like to wish all our members a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year in 2019. We now have around 110 memers out of 160+ who are Dexter Cattle Society UK members.

The ROI Group has been invited to host the UK Dexter Cattle Society AGM in 2019. The proposed date was the weekend after the ploughing championships, which takes place at the end of September, however we have since been informed that they wish to stick with their usual date, mid October.


We have to choose a location. The AGM to take place on Saturday morning, with the possibility of a half day conference in the afternoon, followed by a meal and some entertainment.

The catering will involve a midday lunch and an evening dinner; we should have Dexter Beef as the main course. A beef stew would be quite in order. The UK AGMs try to keep it modest, and a suitable hall where we could hire in a local caterer would be preferred. We can discuss this further at our own AGM in February 2019. We will need to set up a working group to organise this UK DCS AGM.

The proposed Dexter Beef Gateway is to be piloted by the ROI Group. This is to be a recorded survey of all beef steers available for slaughter, where our members will register their steers in order to quantify availability to the market.

Thanks to all who showed and promoted Dexters in 2018. We need to step it up for 2019 so start “lasooing” one or two suitable show animals!

Quality control for both the ABP and Mart sales is required for 2019. Unless we exercise better quality control we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

Going forward, all animals need to be Pure Bred Registered and all steers Birth Notified, and all participants need to be members of the ROI Group.

Animals need to be 24-30 months and be a minimum of 130kg carcase weight, and be finished suitable for slaughter.

The Mart sale was a learning experience. Going forward, it would be great to establish a Mart Sale in Munster, Leinster and Connaught/Ulster.
Quality control is the only way forward.
The Mart Sale is not a place to off load poor quality unfinished stock.

Only breed from the best and hope for the best, and cull poor quality breeding stock.


Best wishes

Sean Flannery
Chairman,  Dexter Cattle Society, ROI Group




posted Oct 12, 2018, 1:33 AM by Ciaran Culkin   [ updated Apr 25, 2019, 3:17 AM ]


Drumshanbo Mart will be taking bookings for the Dexter cattle sale

on 20th October from Monday next,  October 15th

at 071 9641116 
or 071 9641117

Book Dexters in early

All animals for sale must have DCS green cert or
birth notified yellow cert


William with the finishing touches

Sean Flannerry, Group Chairman, has everything in place

The first DEXTER on the market


Dexter Sale in Drumshambo

posted Sep 22, 2018, 2:18 AM by Ciaran Culkin   [ updated Oct 6, 2018, 11:37 AM ]

The First Dexter Cattle Sale

Drumshanbo Mart

Sat October 20th 2018

A sale of Rare Breeds Cattle will take place on October 20th at Drumshanbo Mart in conjunction with the monthly Organic Mart, and is being organised by Leitrim Organics and Connnacht Knowledge Transfer Group. All classes of Dexters from Calf to Cow to Bull will be accepted.

Animals must be Registered/Birth Registered. 

Seller/Owner must be a member of Irish Dexter Cattle Group

Organic and non Organic 

Consideration will be given to the possibility of “selling in the pen”


A meeting of the group will take place in Drumshanbo Mart at 2:30pm after the Sale on Saturday October 20th.
All Dexter Members and Breeders are Welcome to attend.


Meeting at Gosford

posted Sep 4, 2018, 12:00 PM by Ciaran Culkin   [ updated Sep 5, 2018, 3:09 PM ]

Meeting at Rare Breeds Show
In Gosford Park, Markethill, Co. Armagh

The Dexters made quite an impression again at Gosford Park, Sat Sept 1st. The show was very well attended with a significant number of members from RoI Group. Many rare breeds were on show, including fowl, goats, sheep, ponies, pigs and cattle

The Irish Dexter Cattle Group RoI held a regional meeting in the grounds of the show. the meeting was chaired by Sean Flannery and attendees included members of North of Ireland Dexters Group. There were useful discussions on topics such as the recent dexter kill in APB, Nenagh and the next kill on Sept 14th, reports from Bonniconlon Show and others and the planning of a Dexter sale in Drumshambo on October 20th. Mike Frazer, council chairman, DCS, UK, addressed the meeting as did the Dexter Judge of the day, James Eccles. James is 1 of 3 trained judges in the Northern Ireland Group. The RoI group is considering the training of some members, which takes 2 years to fully qualify.

                        The Gold & Silver                                                                Tug of Love

                           Getting there                                                      Animals looking very anxiously

                                        Some were not allowed to enter under Dexter Classes

Royal Meath Show Sept 2nd, Trim

Henry Judge came home with a number of Rossetts from Royal Meath.
3 animals were entered in 3 Rare Breeds classes, the following were the successes;

Oxmount Snowman:  Winner, Rare Breed Calf

Oxmount Ella:   2nd, Cow, Incalf or Calf at Foot

Oxmount Martha:  3rd, Rare Breed Maiden Heifer

            Happy now ----- Ella & Martha



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A most enjoyable day was had by all at Bonniconlon Show on Bank Holiday Moday, August 6th, especially as the weather was warm and dry; no mud on the shoes.

Visitors expressed a lot of interest in Dexters and had plenty of questions with regard to keeping these lovable animals. Some asked about the possibility of a farm visit to view them again, and to ask more questions. Those wishing to see them on the farm should send a message via 'CONTACT US' from this website, giving their location and every effort will be made to facilitate the request.

There were a number of Dexter entries for the 'first time' Dexter Classes. 

These are the results.

Dexter Cow Class 
Winner, Oxmount Ella
Owner - Henry Judge
Handler - Henry Judge
Second, Scotsborough Dotty
Owner - Will O'Halloran
Handler - Liam O'Halloran

Dexter Calf Class Male or Female
Winner, Scotsborough Iota
Owner - Will O'Halloran
Handler - Michael Melody
Second, Oxmount Snowman
Owner - HenryJudge
Handler - Aisling Judge
Third, Scotsborough Ignatius
Owner - Will O'Halloran
Handler - Will O'Halloran

Dexter Maiden Heifer Class
Winner, Oxmount Martha
Owner - Henry Judge
Handler - Henry Judge

Dexter Bull Class any age
Winner, Killgarvan Cairn Mor
Handler - Niall Culkin
Second, Oxmount Joshua
Owner - Henry Judge
Handler - Aisling Judge
Third, Scotsborough Ignatius
Owner - Will O'Halloran
Handler - Will O'Halloran  

Dexter Champion
Oxmount Ella  
Reserve Champion Dexter 
Killgarvan Cairn Mor


      Will O'Halloran receiving a Rosette                            Henry & Aisling Judge With 2 Beauties
          For   Scotsborough Ignatius                                                     Ella & Joshua

              Niall Culkin & bull                                                       Liam O'Halloran standing guard
             Kilgarvan Cairn Mor

                           The Waiting                                                                      Resting    


                 Henry with Ella                                                        Henry, Aisling, Ella & Snowman


SLaughter Dates

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ABP/ALDI Dexter Beef Kill in Nenagh

JULY 5th, 2018
Please NOTE the Slaughter dates have now reverted to ORIGINAL dates;
(1)  Friday August 24th, 2018 and
(2)  Friday September 14th, 2018

Steers 24-30 months grass fed, purebred.
DX on Blue Passport
Birth notified & Bord Bia Quality approved.

Contact:        Munster – Tom McDonald  086 2544655
                        Leinster – Sean Flannery 087 2416646
                  Connaught – Oliver Davey  087 9135510


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