"....To support  members through discussion groups, to improve knowledge & create a market for Dexter Beef..."

What membership offers
In 2016 there were154 Dexter Cattle Breeders in the Republic of Ireland registered in the Herd Book.  This is an increase of 24 from 2015. The ROI Group has over 70 paid up members and we are always hoping to increase this number. In the meantime we have set up 3 regional groups:
  • Connaught & Ulster
  • Munster
  • Leinster
We are about to begin year two of the Knowledge Transfer Scheme. This will run for another two years and each member must attend approximately 6 meetings per year, for which they will receive an annual payment of €750. Year one was completed with a modicum of success, although some members found it hard to travel the long distances on very short notice. There are also costs involved, one being the setting up of a Vet plan. The IFA are disputing this at the moment, so maybe it will be a once off payment for the first year only.

Membership fees
Membership of the Dexter Cattle Society (Republic of Ireland) Group costs €25. 
The membership subscription for those who pay by direct debit is €20.

Regional Meetings
Members have the opportunity of attending area meetings 4 times per year in a variety of locations across the country; meetings include  a farm walk to visit and discuss a member's Dexter Herd.  These meetings offer a popular networking  opportunity along with the chance to buy and sell and to learn from other herd practices. Join today and become involved in the regional discussion group in your area.

How to join
New applicants and existing members renewing membership should download and print out either the MS Word format document or the PDF format document (for non-MS Word users)  attached at the foot of this page. Fill in your details and return by post as directed on the form.

For other information use "contact us".

Ciaran Culkin,
Mar 2, 2020, 3:27 AM
Ciaran Culkin,
Mar 2, 2020, 3:27 AM