Message from our Chairman

posted Nov 28, 2017, 11:44 AM by Ciaran Culkin   [ updated Dec 26, 2020, 11:14 AM ]
ROI Dexter Cattle Group

The ROI Group was reformed in early 2015 following a survey of the 100 members of the DCS in the Republic.   A reconvened AGM took place in April 2015 with four regional meetings & farm walks.  We had 40 members who joined our support group.
In 2016 we held our AGM in February.  Again we had 4 regional meetings plus 4 farm visits.  We also got involved in the Knowledge Transfer Scheme by setting up 3 Provincial Sub Groups in Munster, Leinster & Connaught/Ulster.  Our membership grew to circa 80. 
In 2015 we were involved in a Beef Slaughter Scheme where 24 steers were supplied to the ABP meat factory in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.  In 2016, 34 steers were slaughtered. The price was €5.50 per Kg and in 2017, 90 Dexters were supplied to ABP with the beef supplied to Aldi Supermarket. This has been a great success for the group and has brought confidence to our breeder members with demand for both beef and breeding animals.
There are now 160+ members from ROI who have joined the Dexter Cattle Society in the UK.  Our support group has 80 of these members so there is scope for us to double our membership.  With 160 breeders in the Republic and 120 breeders in the North of Ireland, this makes us the fastest growing region for Dexters making up nearly 25% of the total DCS membership.


Exhibits at Agriculture Shows in 2017.
At our AGM in 2016 Ms Mary Kay gave a talk on Showing.  Following this meeting we made a commitment to Exhibit at as many shows as possible in 2017.  We managed to exhibit at the following shows;
(1) Kildysart, Co. Clare: thanks to Keith Ranalow
(2) Charleville, Co. Cork: thanks to John & David Murphy from Kerry.  
(3) Strandhill Show: thanks to Henry Judge & Oliver Davey.  
(4) Bonniconlan, Co. Mayo: thanks to Michael & Helen Melody  
(5) Mount Briscoe Rare Breeds Show: thanks to Basil Valentine.  
(6) Tullamore Show: thanks to Henry Judge.  
(7) Pilltown Show, Co. Kilkenny   
(8) Limerick Show: thanks to Conor Cagney & Sean Dineen.  
(9) Royal Meath Show in Trim where Henry Judge and his family showed Dexters for the first time in many decades (over 40 years) in a Rare Breeds Class.  Henry’s famous little cow Ella and her offspring went home decorated in Rosettes having won some of the Rare Breed Classes.  Congratulations to Henry for his commitment to the Dexter Group & Breed.

Plans for 2018


We made a commitment to the Bonniconlan Show that we would put on Dexter Cattle Classes in 2018.  They have offered to sponsor 1 Dexter Cattle class but we need to put on 3 classes so we have to find Sponsorship for 2 classes.  Most importantly we need to Halter Train our Dexters in order to show them.
We need to start with calf classes for the first year and then we will have a yearling class the following year and a cow class in year 3. We should aim to have Classes at Bonniconlon, Royal Meath Show in Trim, Tullamore Show and Iverk in Piltown Show, and have exhibits at other shows.  Many shows have requested to have Dexters and other Rare Breeds at their shows.  Showing is a great way to promote our breed.  We should take a leaf out of the other Cattle Breeds book, in introducing the public to our long lost native breed.

AGM 2018

AGM 2018 will take place on Sunday 11th February at 2pm, in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Roscommon Rd., Athlone, Co. Westmeath.  All our members are welcome.
NB Mrs Denise Hasshill President of the DCS is our Special Guest Speaker.
We plan to have 4 Provincial meetings during the year in April, June, August & October.   Each meeting will be combined with a farm walk.  The KTS Scheme Year 2 should be soon underway.


Our current committee is now in office for 3 years.  It is time to elect a new committee and give the opportunity to other members to get involved in the group.

Election to DCS Council

I was elected to Council at the DCS AGM  in Oct 2017.  Alan Carrington, Carol Nielson and myself received approx 130 votes each thanks to the support of the ROI, Northern Ireland as well as support from UK and Germany.  Please let me know if there are any issues you would like me to pursue at the DCS Council on behalf of the ROI Group, I wish to thank everyone who voted for us as we were elected by a landslide.

Buying & Selling

There is good demand for both beef and breeding stock.  Members are using Buy and Sell our Facebook our Website and by word of mouth through our members.  Join our group and get to know other breeders by attending our AGM & Provincial Meetings and Farm Walks.

Pure Bred Registered Dexters

When buying stock ensure that they are PBR with  a Green Pedigree Certificate.  Ask to see it before you make a deal.  Ensure also that you register all calves that you breed.

Seasons Greetings for 2017 to all our members.  Thanks for your participation in 2017 and best wishes for 2018 where we hope to go from strength to strength.  Happy Christmas & a Prosperous New Year in 2018.

Sean Flannery
Chairman ROI Group 
Council Member DCS