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"....To make the consumer aware of the quality of this delicious meat....."

Dexter Cattle are renowned for the quality and taste of their meat. The beef is marbled and has a delicious, succulent flavour.

Pedigree Dexter beef, which comes in smaller family sized joints and cuts, is an outstanding quality product, cooks superbly because of the excellent marbling and eats like a dream.  Dexter beef appears regularly on TV cooking programmes, is available across the country, is the best beef around and more and more consumers are becoming aware of its high quality. 

You can find useful links about the preparation and consumption of Dexter Beef below:

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Dexter beef bolognese

Britain’s Dexter cattle: Tiny breed, big-flavour beef


"Dexter may be the Shetland pony of the cattle world but the breed produces some of the most tender, intensely flavoured beef you’ll ever eat......."

Dexter Cattle Promotion Group South East NSW - Dexter Beef Recipes

"We offer free and tasty recipes for your Dexter beef/milk cooking enjoyment. Many of the recipes here have been chosen 
to assist Dexter breeders to best utilise the ‘cheaper’ cuts of meat."